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Parcel Mapping Services

The Southern Rhode Island Conservation District, on behalf of all the Rhode Island Conservation Districts, can provide you with a map series for any property in Rhode Island for a flat fee of $150.

A sample of the package of 8.5 X 11 inch color maps is on display at your tax assessor's office.

Maps Included

  • Aerial photo of property (with hazardous materials sites located)
  • Soils on property (including full descriptions of the soils on your property)
  • Soil limitations on property
  • Topography
  • Wetlands

To Request Mapping Services
Mail or bring the following to the Southern Rhode Island Conservation District (SRICD):

  1. The Plat/Lot map from your tax assessor that shows the property you want mapped. It should show all property boundaries, measurements along the borders if possible or at least the accurate scale of the map and some roads. We must be able to read the measurements and the roads to locate the property and draw it correctly.
       a. Highlight the property(ies) on the map.
       b. Write your name, address and phone number on all materials submitted.
  2. Please include the property survey map, if available, to aid us in accurately locating and measuring your property.
  3. A check made out to SRICD for $150.00.

When we have completed your map series, we will mail it to you along with the original materials you supplied.

Average turn around time for maps is two weeks or less.

Contact us if you have questions or would rather set up an appointment!